The Peter Baskett Bursary for ERC instructors


The Peter Baskett Bursary was established as a mark of honour to the late Peter Baskett.
Peter was a Founder Member and a Chairman of the ERC. He introduced ERC courses and education in many countries in Europe and considered the education of ERC instructors of paramount importance. Peter’s vision was to develop the talents, particularly of younger potential instructors, thereby improving resuscitation across Europe and in the rest of the world.

Purpose of the bursary

The ERC, together with the Laerdal Foundation, established a bursary in order to make it possible for ERC instructors from countries with a lower Gross National Income or those not being able financially to participate in ERC conferences.

Events covered

The Peter Baskett Bursary is available for all ERC conferences, as long as funds are available.
The Bursary includes the following costs:

  • A free registration for the ERC conference.
  • The reimbursement of travel costs and accommodation, in line with the ERC travel policy, up to a maximum of € 1200.

Who can apply

The Peter Baskett Bursary is open to all active ERC instructors, resident or working in a country which has an Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding with the European Resuscitation Council. Applications from countries with a low Gross National Income per capita have a high priority.  

Application procedure

Applications must be submitted in writing (English) to the ERC Office by e-mail ([email protected])
and should contain:

  • The applicant’s short Curriculum Vitae.
  • Proof of residency (copy of photo page from passport).
  • A statement (max. 200 words) by the applicant, in support of the application.
  • A reference from an ERC course director, National Resuscitation Council or fellow ERC instructor. 

Selection procedure

Applications that meet the criteria:

  • The Applicant is an active ERC instructor
  • Arrived before the deadline
  • Including a short curriculum, proof of residence, 200 words statement and reference

Will be considered by the Bursary Committee, based on the following arguments:

  • Activities to add value to the ERC courses in his/her country or region or in other countries.
  • Financial limitations for this instructor to attend the conference with other sources of financial support.
  • Priority for instructors resident or working in of one of the prioritised countries.
  • Only one instructor from each type of ERC course should be nominated per year.

The Bursary Committee will make a recommendation of maximum 3 persons to the ERC Board.
The ERC Board will take a final decision and grant up to four instructors with a bursary.

All applicants will be informed if their application was admissible and whether it was granted.
The discussions of the Bursary Committee and the ERC Board are considered confidential.
No appeal is possible to the Board’s decision.


In order to be reimbursed for the travel costs, the beneficiary effectively has to have attended the conference and has to send the original cost receipts to the ERC Office. If unable to attend, the ERC Board has the power to grant exception.

Deadline for Resuscitation 2019

The deadline for submitting applications for the Ljubljana 2019 ERC Congress is 
Midnight CET May 10, 2019