Ian Jacobs and Petter Steen Young investigators competition

The European Resuscitation Council is delighted to celebrate the achievements of the future generation of resuscitation researchers through the Ian Jacobs and Petter Steen Young Investigator Awards.

Ian Jacobs Young Investigator Award

The late Ian Jacobs, former paramedic and nurse, led the Australian Resuscitation Council for over 15 years and ILCOR from 2011-14.  Ian is remembered for his dedication, kindness and compassion. His enthusiasm for life and for his achievements that motivated all around him to strive harder to further the science of resuscitation.

The Ian Jacobs Young Investigator Award is awarded annually to the best non-physician researcher.

Petter Steen Young Investigator Award

Petter Steen qualified from the University of Oslo in 1972 and trained as an anaethsiologist in Norway and the Mayo Clinic.  Petter led the Oslo resuscitation research group from the early 1980s until his retirement in 2014. Former Chair of the European Resuscitation Council, Petter helped define key approaches to resuscitation and supported and developed a generation of resuscitation researchers.

The Petter Steen Young Investigator Award is awarded annually to the best physician researcher.


A young investigator will be considered someone under the age of 35 years old on the 1st day of the congress or within 5 years of the award of a postgraduate research thesis (Masters, MD, PhD).


Young investigators are invited to submit a free text summary of research (300 words) that they have undertaken in the field of resuscitation.  Young investigators will submit their body of work as sole authors.  They may acknowledge support / contributions from collaborators but the submission must be their own work.

Finalists will be selected by the session organisers.  The best 3 researchers for each category (selected by predefined criteria) will be invited to present at the meeting.  Presentations will last 15 minutes with 5 minutes for questioning.

This competition will be run in conjunction with the Best of the Best abstracts.  It will allow researchers to present a body of work which may include work previously published and is specifically targeted at Young Investigators.

Do not submit an abstract about one study. We need an overview of all your work until now.


Up to 6 Young investigators will be invited to present at the conference.

All those selected to present will be provided with complimentary registration for the conference and for the faculty social event.

The winners will be awarded a certificate to commemorate their achievement of becoming the European Resuscitation Council Young Investigator of the Year.  Runners up will also receive certificates.

The winners will be invited to join the Editorial Board of Resuscitation for 2 years.

The winners of the Young Investigators Competition will be awarded 500 EUR.


A panel of senior judges who are key figures in resuscitation will judge participants performance according to preset criteria.  The judges will rank participants and the highest ranking will be announced the winner.  The judges should not have any personal relationship with the selected candidates.

Submitting your work

Deadline is August 1, 2019.

To submit your work, simply click here to email your Word file to the congress secretariat.